Patentanwaltskanzlei Matschnig & Forsthuber was established in 1983 by DI Franz Matschnig. For more than four decades the firm has been operating on a national and international level in all fields of intellectual property rights.

The firm’s services include professional support and representation of patents, trademarks, designs and other industrial property rights as well as consulting in all aspects of intellectual property.

Further services comprise the management of intellectual property in companies, handling of employees’ inventions, monitoring of annual fees, licensing- and collaboration contracts, patent and trademark searches and consultancy for computer program based innovations.

Extensive collaborations with reliable law firms around the world ensure a global competent handling of legal affairs and qualified local representation. Infringement proceedings and other civil cases are duly taken care of in cooperation with experienced lawyers.

The clientele includes individuals as well as small and medium enterprises, research institutions, universities and large corporations. A team of legally trained academics with technical and scientific background covers a wide range of disciplines from physics, mechanical engineering, electronics and telecommunications to chemistry and life sciences. This team is assisted by a crew of experienced office workers who have many years experience in supervision and administration of property rights.