Advice and Counsel

We give advice in all aspects of industrial property and act for you before patent offices and courts. Besides/Next to answering your questions we strive to consider your individual situation in your business environment to provide customized solutions with ideal cost-value/cost-benefit ratio.

We support you in identifying innovations in your company that are worth protecting. We evaluate your portfolio of property rights, advise you in developing and implementing a patenting-strategy or even act as your external patent department. The firm’s fields of competence comprise the entire spectrum of natural sciences and technology.

We help you to find trademarks that meet both your company’s philosophy and the registration conditions. We also advice you in the selection of a suitable domain name.

Other activities include the handling of employee’s inventions, monitoring of property rights and the management of licenses and cooperations. We accompany your negotiations with prospective contracting partners, support the preparation of non-disclosure agreements and draft licence- and cooperation agreements, taking into account applicable competition rules/laws.

For an initial assessment of your situation we offer you first consultation for free – just make an appointment!